November 11th, 2011

Fun With Alphabetic Anthropomorphisms!

(or, playing with letters and pictures)

Children who enjoy tinkering with words as Max does may end up in the realm of anagrams, palindromes, word squares and other ways of “making the alphabet dance,” to quote the title of one wordplay anthology. Letters need not be mere vehicles for literacy, as these books demonstrate. They can be the very stuff of creativity, rooted in the age-old impulse to make the alphabet our plaything.

This is a great article, I encourage you to read the entire version here as he mentions several creative children’s books that use the alphabet to open the imagination. I recall one of my favorite books as a child - a children’s dictionary (anyone who knows me is not surprised by this) - but the best part was that the intro section for each letter of the alphabet was made into a large infographic showing the letter’s use and development through history. I would looooove to find that one again. (I’ve looked for years but have yet to locate a copy).  

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