April 25th, 2012

Are London’s 2012 Mascots the Worst in Olympic History?

Supposedly modeled on droplets of steel fallen from the stadium, Wenlock and Mandeville’s huge cyclops eyes make them sinister rather than cute. These widely parodied robots are essentially cuddly surveillance cameras. They’ve also been compared to sex toys and even linked to a cult conspiracy theoryRead more at The Atlantic Cities.[Image: Reuters]

journo-geekery, an admitted Olympics fan, says: “I’ve come to like these two…staring back at me on yet another long evening or late night, always watching. So, basically, Orwell.”

Orwellian Olympic mascots - how ironically fitting for this day and age!

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    Vols + Hotel pour les groupes aux USA pas cher theatlantic:
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    Whoever designed these was likely watching a lot of Doctor Who at the time!
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    These guys are pretty bizarre. Is it a sign of bad things to come for London 2012?
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    "A possible source of London 2012’s visual diffidence, as British organizers have always been aware they could not...
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    Can someone please explain what the HELL this is??????? This makes no sense to my eyes and has nothing at all to do with...
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    Are London’s 2012 Mascots the Worst...Olympic History?
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    This has little to do with tech beyond another great example of internet culture making something bad just a bit more...
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    I’m pretty sure “Izzy” marks the point where Olympic mascots went awry. It makes the top 5 for worst things associated...
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    … Welp. I guess I have job security.
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    Yes. Yes, they are.
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    holy GOD what is that
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    The answer to this question is an unqualified: Yes. They are. Nightmares.
  27. brendadove said: actually, i like it!


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