August 27th, 2012

Pam Glew — “Night Hawk” Illustration on the pages of  an antique French dictionary.

From the artist’s webshop:

The page is on the F’s (‘fauconniere’ to ‘favori’), including the antique book illustration of a faux (scythe). This is an original drawing, titled Night Hawk.

The sketch was drawn with pencil and inktense inks, white ink and graphite. On the bottom of the page is my monogram “PG” crest printed in silver. It is signed on the bottom and dated 2011.

121 x 191 mm

This is from a new series of drawings on small pages of vintage books, only available in this shop. (via mrfrivolous)

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    Pam Glew — “Night Hawk” Illustration on the pages of an antique French dictionary.
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