April 23rd, 2012

Monday: Worth it because I had the weekend with you.  

Lucy:  You don’t even know what crow’s feet are.

Ricky:  I do too, they’re like pigeon toes.

Lucy:  Come here, look. See?

Ricky:  Oh, honey are you kidding? You’re beautiful.

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September 22nd, 2011
I’m lecturing my cats about the poor, starving kitties in Africa who would be HAPPY to have that fancypants cat food from the foo foo fancycat store. They don’t seem to be listening.

Our kitties are Cager and Shirley, awesome brother Ocicats.

We buy them the fancy stuff in a can but they don’t want it. We buy the fancy stuff in a bag and they pick at it.

So we have a mute duck who lives on our back porch. She likes the whole family but loves my Mister the best, and he loves her. He named her Banshee.

We used to feed Banshee birdseed (but it made a huge mess and she didn’t like it much) so now we feed her Meow Mix. This was suggested to us by Duck People, I swear.

Then we figured that Meow Mix is basically McDonalds for cats.
Cager and Shirley are all over that business and that’s the only food they want now.

Oh, how they HOWL when Banshee gets her snack. (!) 
Maybe I’ll start feeding her the fancy canned food.   


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