March 26th, 2012

NYS Senator Eric Adams, other Senators and Assembly Members wore hoodies to the NYS Legislative Session.  

(…because they are totally awesome badasses.)

More from Senator Adams’ blog:

The group wore the popular youth apparel to display their outrage over the shooting of young Trayvon Martin in Florida.  While walking home from the store, Trayvon Martin was killed by a member of a civilian patrol.  For more news coverage, click here for NBC news and here for Times Union coverage of this story.

March 22nd, 2012

Arts for Transit:

Let This App Be Your Guide to New York’s Subway Art

It costs $25 for a ticket to MoMa these days, but only $2.25 to see artworks by the world’s leading artists in a much gloomier, rat-infested environment – the New York subway. […]

Until recently, if you wanted a statement like the above to interpret a piece of subway art, you’d have to visit the Arts for Transit website. But the agency is now touting an “officially licensed app” that gives riders “comprehensive information about the wide variety of permanent artwork installed throughout the subway and rail system in New York.”

Read more. [Image: MTA]

Download the app by clicking my post headline, “Apps for Transit”. (For some reason, The Atlantic buried the app-download link in their article, which I’ve quoted and linked to above.

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